vowpay money transfer

vowpay money transfer

Vowpay Money Transfer is an International Money Transfer App for sending money to your Friends & Family from United Kingdom to abroad. It allows you to send money to bank accounts instantly and also provides instant cash out facility. You can enter your personal and debit card details securely and transfer payments without letting your privacy being compromised.

Vowpay offers three unique value services for its users
• Instant Money Transfers
• Minimal fees
• Competitive Forex Rates

Vowpay provides a secure platform that delivers the entire money transfer process through an app, which is both convenient and time saving. The app eliminates the time-consuming process of visiting agents and banks, and instead allows the money remitter to transfer money in just a few taps.

Live URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vowpay.vowpay&hl=en

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