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They outperformed our expectations and developed a bespoke solution for our internal processing to automate a number of tasks. I met Kamil many times during the process where he carefully analysed our IBP that aligned perfectly and exactly with the solution they delivered. Highly recommended!

David Myers
Technical Lead, Undisclosed

At PYCO IT, we recognize that for many businesses “cookie-cutter” commercially available applications are not enough. In such cases, our experienced team offers the very best programming services in the industry to design custom applications that meet your unique business needs.

what are custom applications?

Custom applications are designed for a specific user or group of users within an organization. Many businesses, as well as individuals, start out using widely available “off-the-shelf” applications. While some of these standard applications may meet a business’s needs, at least initially, many will outgrow such apps. Some businesses will continue to cope with the shortcomings of commercially available apps. Others will recognize that custom solutions are necessary if they are to scale their businesses.

custom applications development process

We work with our clients to identify unique business needs. We gain an understanding of the technological challenges that our clients are facing. We evaluate each project to identify the most suitable technology for the job. We work with our clients to design custom applications that are both user-friendly and efficient. Moreover, we design applications with an eye towards both flexibility and scalability. As technology evolves, it is important that our client’s applications evolve with it. In addition, as our client’s business grows, we ensure that its applications can accommodate increased demands.

PYCO.IT has been developing custom applications for many years. Our programmers are experienced in working with nearly every major platform and coding language, such as:

  • Experts in MS SQL Server
  • Experts with Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET
  • Experts in JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Angular, node.JS, HTML, CSS, SASS, iOS, Android and PhoneGap

Custom application services that we have provided include:

  • Mobile application development
  • Apps for startups in many industries
  • Database-driven apps
  • Ecommerce apps
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive web design

Our team can work with any of the above technologies, plus many more, depending on your business’s needs. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level with custom application solutions, please contact us today for a free consultation.

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