wordpress development

PYCO IT offers WordPress development services to companies located around the globe. Our team has many years of experience developing customised plugins. We have developed websites ranging from blogs to solutions for multinational corporations.

Why Choose PYCO IT?

Experience: A combined decades of experience designing, developing and integrating WordPress.

Reliability: we are always available to service your website’s needs

Trust: Highly Trusted and 100% In-House – unlike many of our competitors we do not hire freelancers to work on your site. Rather, we employ highly-qualified experts in-house that are committed to working only on our clients’ websites

Competitive: We promise quality at competitive price.

PYCO IT offers industry leading WordPress development services in a wide array of industries. Please contact us today for a consultation.

wordpress services

Site Migration

If your company is already using an existing CMS but want to switch to WordPress, we can migrate your website or if you want to switch servers we can do that. Our favourite webserver is litespeed which can deliver upto 4,800 requests per second, an improvement factor of over 2.6x or 6x respectively when fully optimised.

WordPress Development

Our team is familiar with the industry. Through our knowledge and experience we are able to implement the latest technologies that are industry compliant when compiling codes and putting them into action.

WordPress Woocommerce

We assists clients with product setup, payment gateways, shipping features and many other features depending on your business’s needs.

Site Speed & Optimization

Site speed is a ranking factor by Google. The slower the site, the lower you may rank. We can help optimise your site to resource efficient and handle the load in the shortest time improving its speed.

Our team begins by having a thorough consultation with prospective clients to determine needs, goals, relevant market factors and any important insights into the desired look, feel and functionality. Based on the roadmap created during the assessment, we will deliver a custom, efficient and technically scalable solution.

Following implementation, our team will continuously evaluate the performance of your website, making needed improvements to help you surge ahead of the competition.